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Go Taxi Isle Of Wight Alternative

The Holler Taxi App for Isle Of Wight drivers and Operators

go taxi ilse of wight vs holler taxi

Go Taxi Alternative for Isle Of Wight Taxis

There is an alternative to the Go Taxi App on the Isle Of Wight, Holler Taxi's major difference is it connects users with drivers in real-time, so when a user performs a search on the Isle Of Wight for a taxi, the operators dispatch systems reply with the price and availability and the drivers on the drivers app are notified and bid on the job instantly if they want it at their own pre-defined rates.

Go Taxi Vs Holler for drivers & Operators

The Go Taxi App dictates the fare and holds the pre-booking on their system awaiting a driver to pick it up and then deducts a 20% fee and possibly VAT, with the Holler Taxi App the driver sets their own rates and Holler only takes 5% commission with the main fare going to the driver/operator instantly into their own Stripe account, PLUS the user knows they have a booking accepted by a driver/operator.

Is Holler an Operator like Go Taxi?

No, whilst Go Taxi is an operator in their own right with their own vehicles just like Uber and for those wondering is Uber on the Isle of Wight, no it isn't. Holler Taxi's one and only goal is to supply work to local drivers and operators on their own terms, so they are in control of the work and the fares at which they receive the work.

Can I pre-book with Holler Taxi like Go Taxi?

Yes both Go Taxi and Holler Taxi have pre-book function, but with Holler Taxi the driver or operator has bid and accepted the job and this will be displayed clearly on the booking screen so you know who you have it booked with and which operator/driver is going to turn up.

Summary - Holler Taxi Isle Of Wight Booking App Vs Go Taxi

Whilst Go Taxi is another booking App which efficiently does it's job, Holler Taxi does this, but with Holler Taxi you can be rest assured the that the job and the majority of the fares are going direct to the driver/operator, ensuring your money is going directly back into the local economy on a fair and level playing field for all suppliers on the Isle Of Wight. Whilst the user gets to see the choice of who's available quickly and clearly in seconds.