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Is Uber on the Isle Of Wight?

No, but Holler Taxi App connects you to the islands Private Hire & Taxi's in one place

is uber on the isle of wight

Is Uber on the Isle Of Wight?

No, Uber isn't on the Isle Of Wight, but with the Holler Taxi App you are able to connect with the islands private hires and Hackneys in one place and compare prices and book in seconds. For more information on the Holler Taxi App, you can read about it here at the Isle Of Wight Radio where Holler Taxi has been running competitions during it's launch campaign.

Is Holler as good as Uber for Passengers?

Whilst Uber has revolutionised the way many people book a taxi, it is still a one size fits all model, with Uber dictating the fare to both driver and user.
Holler is different, when you search for a vehicle the registered drivers and firms have set their own rate, locations and times they'd like to be booked for, so you will always see a driver who wants the particular job and not be cancelled on. PLUS it connects you with local professional drivers and firms, with 95% of the fare going to the provider, so you're also supporting local business with a simple Tap, Compare and Book, saving you time phoning around and money!

Is Holler like Uber and can I use them off the island?

Uber as we know are in many major towns and cities, leaving the more rural areas with no drivers due to lack of coverage.
With Holler Taxi we connect via dispatch systems and a drivers booking app to give more connectivity and choice, with areas such as Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester, Luton, Preston and more already live with the ability to book on the Holler platform.

Can I pre-book with Holler or is it mainly ASAP like Uber?

Uber has limited pre-booking functionality whilst Holler Taxi offers a simple pre-booking system. You can add the places to your favourite places to visit before coming to the island, so with a couple of clicks you can easily and confidently get to your destination with ease in a reliable professional Taxi or Private Hire vehicle.

Summary - Holler Taxi Isle Of Wight Booking App

Holler Taxi is working with many major private hire firms, local Hackney drivers and smaller private hire firms to bring a simple easy booking platform both on the island and when connecting in Southampton.

Tap, Compare and Book and 'Save time and Dollar when you Holler'

Uber doesn't look like it will be on the island any time soon, especially with such unrest amongst its current drivers in other areas as highlighted here. However, we must note that there are other Apps such as Go Taxi Isle Of Wight which operate in a very similar manner to Uber also available.