cab management system

Holler partnering with Cab Management System

#June 2022
Holler is currently working on integration with Cab Management System, we hope to have all clients on Cab Management System on board soon to start taking bookings from Holler.

After a great conversation between the Directors at the PHTM Expo, this is exciting to get them on baord.

Holler Sets to integrate and partner with Cab Treasure

#June 2022

Holler is pleased to announce we are currently working on integration with Cab Treasure and will be able to service all clients of Cab Treasure and include them on our booking app in the coming weeks.

Our MD had a great meeting and conversation with the Cab Treasure MD and we look forward to a great partnership!

Holler Partners with Sherlock

#August 2021

Sherlock dispatch system now fully integrated with Holler, enabling all Sherlock dispatch system users to be on the Holler booking app.

Holler partners with icabbi

#August 2021

Holler partners with icabbi and is now available on the partners' page, so any firm on the icabbi system can start receiving jobs from Holler as we roll out across the UK.

icabbi are one of the Worlds largest dispatch systems and this brings a massive number of available vehicles to the Holler system.

#July 2022

Holler sets to make on-boarding even easier for icabbi users, with automated registration via our customer admin panel.


Holler Attends PHTM Expo

#May 2022

Holler attends the PHTM Expo in Milton Keynes and we were overwhelmed with the positive response from the private hire companies and Hackney drivers.

We made so many great contacts and look forward to working with all the new companies who signed up with us

Holler Drivers app

Holler Drivers app

#september 2022

Holler is proud to be delivering a NEW drivers app in September 2022. With Holler YOU dictate the prices and confirm whether you want to be shown to the customer based on the requested journey.

Holler Drivers App has the following great features:

  • Set your OWN per mile rate and let the app do the work for you.
  • Add private jobs to the queue
  • Take out the guesswork with the app showing you your journey earnings for Holler and private work!
  • Remove the need for paper and pens, store pre-booked journey information
  • Set up pre-booking alerts

Holler re-defining driver apps and enabling small firms not on dispatch systems to increase work on your terms with ZERO COSTS and not be dictated to on fares. What are you waiting for, go to our drivers app page for more information and REGISTER TODAY!

Holler Partners with Southampton University

#September 2022

We're proud to be partnering with Southampton University and working with the students union for both Southampton and Solent unniversities.

Switch working with Holler

#September 2022

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Trilogy Southampton working with Holler

#August 2022

Find promo codes and win VIP packages at Trilogy with Holler!

Grumpy Monkey Southampton working with Holler

#September 2022

Find promo codes and win VIP packages at Grumpy Monkey with Holler!

Med Bar Southampton working with Holler

#September 2022

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